7 maj 2013

Det flippade klassrummet - mer än bara film

Igår sändes Skolministeriet i P1 med temat det flippade klassrummet med bland annat mig som medverkande. Om du missade programmet så kan du lyssna på det här. För att ni ska få lite mer text i det här blogginlägget så har jag kompletterat det med flera mycket kloka citat och en bild.
  • Brian Bennett - "The Flipped Classroom is a mindset, not a method."
  • Aaron Sams - "There is no such thing as THE flipped classroom."
  • Ramsey Musallam - “There is no pedagogy, technology or technique that is a silver bullet or the independent variable for good teaching. . . No technology can make the honor of being a teacher an easier thing. Techniques, pedagogies, etc. can make what we do more efficient, but only if we first, through hours and hours of sweat, empathy and failure, work towards a system that transcends technology.”
  • Brett Clarke - “Flipping the classroom is not the answer to solving all of the flaws in our education system.  However, neither is doing nothing and continuing on like nothing is wrong.” 
  • Aaron and Brian - “Ultimately, flipped learning is not about flipping the 'when and where' instruction is delivered; it's about flipping the attention away from the teacher and toward the learner.”
  • Paul Andersen - “The teacher is the most important part of a functioning classroom . . . Just because you create videos doesn’t mean you are teaching them . . . ‘teacher’ implies learning and if you are not getting learning you’re not a teacher, you’re simply at ‘talker’.”

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